Granite Color Choices

Color Selections for Granite Countertops

granite color for countertops

Selecting a granite color to complement your kitchen or bath can be a difficult decision. Granite is available in a wide array of colors, from dark black and blue to lighter browns and beiges and even greens and reds. You want to take into account your flooring and cabinets and choose a color that will complement or contrast with them.

Typically, designers recommend selecting a dark granite color countertop with lighter color cabinets and using one of the lighter colors of granite when using dark cabinets. When in doubt, classic black granite countertops are always in style and work well with any style of flooring or cabinets.

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertop colors can be grouped roughly into six different color bases. Starting from most popular they are:

black granite color

Black – Coming from Sweden, Australia and South Africa, classic black granite is the most popular color choice. Texture in the black coloring is provided by the feldspar and quartz mix.

azul granite color

Blue or Azul – A base of blue is augmented by lighter shades of white, and darker streaks of gray or black. This stone is found in Spain and Brazil.

white granite color

White – White granite isn’t truly white because of the varying elements mixed in. Ivory, gray and black patterns break up the overall white tone. Quarried in Italy, China, and Brazil.

copper granite color

Copper or Gold – The warm tones and striking metallic flakes make this a unique choice. Brazil and Italy provide the primary stocks of this stone.

green granite color

Green – A consistent base is complemented by gray, rose and blue shades. Indian granite can have rose tones while Norwegian green granite tends to include blues.

red granite color

Red – Mostly mined in China and Brazil, the basic red can range from lavender to dusky rose with streaks of black or gray.

Stop in to the showroom and stone yard at Murphy Granite Outlet to see the wide variety of granite we have in stock. Feel free to bring in a sample of your flooring or choose your hardwood flooring from our huge stock. We can show you through the different veining and patterns that natural granite displays – every slab is unique.

Once you’ve chosen, we mark your granite slab to ensure you get exactly what you’ve chosen. We can help you choose the right granite for your project, whether it’s granite kitchen countertops, an elegant bar top or fireplace surround, or a hard-working and durable outdoor kitchen surface.

Granite Slabs from Around the World

Since we deal with granite all the time we can show you the most popular color selections for granite countertops, as well as the most striking and unique options for your kitchen transformation. Exotic granite from all over the world can be yours for reasonable prices.

Our goal is to get granite into everyone’s home and we’ll work with you to make it happen. We'll also explain proper granite care and maintenance. Seeing the wide selection of granite available at our stone yard can help you to choose what’s right for you. And if you don’t see exactly what you want in our stock in Murphy, we can order any color you want.

We can order over 300 granite countertop colors!

Let our granite counter intelligence work for you.

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