Discount Granite Countertops

From Murphy Granite Outlet

Murphy Granite Outlet carries one of the largest selections of discount granite countertops in western North Carolina. Our volume allows us to keep our granite countertops price low. We still employ the same high quality craftsmanship and meticulous care in fabricating and installing your granite countertops, but at a reduced price thanks to our upfront savings on the raw granite slabs.

Discount Granite Countertops

Low Granite Countertop Pricing

Murphy Granite Outlet is on a mission to provide our local customers with the best granite product at the most affordable prices. We’d like to see granite countertops in every home and we’re willing to offer our granite fabrication services at low prices to encourage people to move up to the elegance and durability of granite.

When we say we sell cheap granite countertops we mean that we keep the cost of granite countertops low enough for anybody to consider installing a sleek and durable polished granite countertop in their kitchen or bath.

By keeping the granite countertop cost low we hope to encourage more people to step up to a style of luxury that will last for years.

Only Pay for What You Use

When you order granite countertops from Murphy Granite Outlet you only pay for what you use. The granite used is figured to the square inch and your granite countertop pricing is for that amount only. There are no hidden costs or fees.

  • All our estimates are free.
  • We don’t charge you to remove your old countertops.
  • No extra cost to haul your old countertops away.
  • We don’t make you pay to clean up after us.
  • Murphy Granite Outlet is dedicated to keeping granite countertop prices in everybody’s range and we offer discount granite countertops along with our superior service to western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and north Georgia, including the Atlanta area.

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